Medical Penis Enlargement

  • Minimal Discomfort
  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Quick Recovery

At Medisculpt, we offer the latest and clinically proven method of Non-Surgical Penis Augmentation using a particular type of carbohydrate gel fillers as liquid implants. A significant number of men are estimated to be concerned about the size of their penis. Medical Penis Enhancement is quickly becoming one of the most popular and reliable male enhancement treatments in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced doctors will perform this procedure in one of our fully accredited medical practices.

Firstly, a fast-acting topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area for 30 minutes. This is followed by a small, painless injection at the base of the penis to thoroughly numb the area. Thereon, a highly specialised Soft Cannula technique is used to safely and painlessly inject the liquid gel filler into the shaft of the penis.


On average, the entire procedure will take less than 60 minutes.


The liquid implant filler gel used for in this procedure is TGA approved in Australia and possesses an excellent safety profile.

The specialised injecting technique by an experienced doctor is vital to delivering a safe and effective treatment outcome.


Absolutely. Individual results may vary, but 100% of our patients will see a visible improvement in the size and girth of their penis immediately after the treatment.


Potential risks associated with this procedure are:

  • Temporary swelling
  • Temporary bruising
  • Mild discomfort after the treatment that can last for a few days
  • Allergic reaction ( extremely rare)


This will depend upon the level of enhancement desired by the individual patient. Anywhere from a 20% to 80% increase in the girth of one's penis is readily achievable. Sometimes, more than one treatment session is needed if the patient desires further results.


There is minimal recovery for this procedure. Patients may return to work immediately after the procedure and do not have to take any time off. Sexual intercourse or masturbation, however, is not permitted for 7 days following the treatment.


Any male adult seeking to increase the size of their penis can consider this procedure. 

To be considered suitable for undergoing this procedure, you have to:

  • Be physically fit and active
  • Have a balanced and healthy diet
  • Be of sound emotional/mental health
  • Have realistic expectations of the outcome 


People unfit to undergo this procedure are:

  • Physically unwell with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Those with a history of keloid scarring
  • Those with unrealistic expectations
  • Those who are going through emotional stress and trauma


The lasting effect of this treatment depends upon the amount of liquid filler gel used. The body slowly absorbs this gel, with results lasting for up to 24 months after a single treatment session.

Most patients, however, opt to undergo top-up sessions every 6 to 12 months to maintain results throughout the years.


No long-term side effects have been noted or documented so far with the use of this technique. As mentioned, liquid gel fillers have an excellent biocompatibility profile and are extremely safe to use in humans.


Treatment starts from $3,500 per session and may cost up to $8,000 or more. At Medisculpt, we offer you a tailor-made treatment package to suit your budget.


The Medisculpt® Difference

"Art, indeed, consists in the conception of the result to be produced before its realisation in the material." - Aristotle

The practice of aesthetic medicine and surgery is as much an art as it is a science. The aesthetic sense of a clinician in evaluating a patient is as important as his or her clinical skills. At Medisculpt®, our philosophy is to artistically enhance your appearance in a way that stresses elegance over glamour.

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